New Essays


"Can You Escape the Family"

published in Spike Arts (Winter 2017)

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"Left Dogmatism, Charismatic Authority, and the Uninitiated"

published in Logos Journal (Winter 2016)

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"No Rest Cures for the Wicked: An Interview with Psychoanalyst Jamieson Webster"

published in Hyperallergic (October 2016)

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"The Irreproachable Essay—on the Amazon Discourse of Hybrid Literature"

published in Texte Zur Kunst (October 2016)

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"Swiping Left on the Hangout: A Conversation with Felix Bernstein"

published in Pank (August 2016)

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"Planetarium of Blended Dreams: Ben Cooley Moonley"

published in The Brooklyn Rail (April 2016)

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"Virtuosity Provides Freedom: An Interview with Artist M. Lamar"

published in Hyperallergic (April 2016)

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“J.S. Je Suis/Jack Smith,” a conversation with Jay Sanders

published in Art Critical (October 2015)


“Bad Fathers,” a conversations with Zach Phillips

published in Volta (October 2015)


“The Phallus in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction,” a conversation with Kyoo Lee

published in DIS (November 2015)


Expression Concrète: A review of Divya Victor’s Natural Subjects

published in Jacket2 (June 2015)


The Prison House of Post-Internet Poetry: A Critical Look at the Poetry of the New

Museum’s Triennial

published in Hyperallergic (May 2015)


Breaking Camp: On John Waters After Divine

published in Hyperallergic (April 2015)


Felix Bernstein & Cecilia Corrigan: Artists in Conversation

published in BOMB (February 2015)


Felix Bernstein: Breakfast at Tiffany’s; Dinner at Goldsmith’s

published in Lemon Hound (September 2014)


Jay Sanders and Felix Bernstein on Jack Smith

for the catalogue of Jack Smith’s Hamlet at Portikus: (Sternberg Press)


“Forget O’Hara: A Review of Lonely Christopher’s Death and Disaster Series”

for The Boston Review (July 2014)


“Notes on Post-Conceptual Poetry: A critical survey of post-conceptual poetry.”

Published online in Volta


“New Fangled Old Things: Views from the Avant Garde 2012”

Brooklyn Rail, November 2012


Article “Beyond Zombies,” a critical response to Vanessa Place and Slavoj Žižek.

Published on HTML Giant


“Cecilia Corrigan’s Blonde Ambition”



Essays About Bernstein


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